The Interpol General Assembly

INTERPOL General Assembly

INTERPOL General Assembly


A criminologist and the founder of New Dimension Group, Dr. Nicholas Janitsary has global consulting experience in Singapore, Dubai, Delhi, and other regions throughout Asia and the Middle East. Dr. Nicholas Janitsary additionally speaks on issues of global security at various and international summits and conferences, including the INTERPOL General Assembly.

The INTERPOL General Assembly functions as the preeminent governing body for INTERPOL, a globalized police network with nearly 200 member nations. Headed by an executive committee, the assembly meets annually to address matters of operational strategy, international communication, new programs, and general organizational policy.

The INTERPOL General Assembly consists of delegates from each member nation’s government. In most situations, delegates vote and decide on matters through simple majority rules, with delegates all casting a single vote. The 84th INTERPOL General Assembly met in Kigali, Rwanda, in November 2015. The next assembly is scheduled to take place in November 2016, in Bali, Indonesia.