Nicholas Janitsary – Tips for Effective Public Speaking

Dr. Nicholas Janitsary currently operates as founder and managing director of Singapore-based New Dimension Group. In this capacity, Dr. Nicholas Janitsary has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Interpol General Assembly and the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Conference. He offers several recommendations for effective public speaking.

Focus on the audience – In order to overcome anxiety, speakers should focus on the audience and the message. By doing so, speakers can achieve their goals of entertaining, motivating, and informing the audience.

Share personal anecdotes – Regardless of the topic, audiences usually respond better and retain more information when presentations include a personal touch. Sharing personal anecdotes makes speakers more interesting and more relatable to the audience.

Visualize a successful delivery – Experts claim all winners in life visualize themselves achieving their goals. The same is true for public speaking. If speakers feel anxious or nervous, they should visualize themselves successfully delivering the message to the audience.


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