Criminology Explained with Nicholas Janitsary

Nicholas Janitsary, who earned a Ph.D. in Criminology, explains the training and the job outlook for those interested in professions in the criminology field.

Interviewer: What is criminology?
Janitsary: Criminology is the study of criminal activity and its impact on societies. This can include the reverberations of a crime on individual victims and even its effect on entire nations.

Interviewer: What schooling does one need to pursue a career in criminology?
Janitsary: First and foremost, those pursuing a career in the field must complete high school with an eye toward college. There are many four-year criminology programs, but most people will want to continue their education and pursue an advanced degree in the field. Most successful criminologists hold either a Master’s degree or Ph.D. and are very hirable straight out of academia.

Interviewer: What is your academic background?
Janitsary: I hold a Ph.D. in Criminology from Canterbury University. I have been invited to speak at international forums regarding global security, including the Interpol General Assembly.

Nicholas Janitsary is the Founder of New Dimensions Group, a consulting firm with offices around the world. He has worked with a variety of governments and law enforcement entities throughout Asia and the Middle East.