The Superyacht Singapore Association, by Nicholas Janitsary

Founded in 2007, the Superyacht Singapore Association dedicates itself to making Singapore a worldwide destination for superyachts. Striving to improve the country’s economy, the Superyacht Singapore Association promotes Singapore as an attractive destination for owners of these massive boats. Top-of-the-line resorts such as Marina Sands and Genting Resorts World allows individuals to combine business and pleasure. Its proximity to the water has enabled it to build four marinas with super and megayacht berths that can hold boats up to 350 feet. Additionally, Singapore is home to a large number of professionals trained in boat maintenance, repair, and technological enhancements.

Every year, the Superyacht Singapore Association runs a conference at which members discuss the latest issues affecting the superyacht industry. Topics covered at these meetings include how infrastructure can be improved so that marinas can handle more superyachts, statistics on superyacht buyers, and governmental regulations concerning these ships.

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About the Author:

Managing Director and founder of the multi-national consultancy New Dimension Group, Nicholas Janitsary has spent over a decade in the security and sales field. Janitsary was a selected speaker at the Superyacht Singapore Association’s First Annual Superyacht Conference.